2017 Marketing Trends to Watch

Looking ahead to the new year, staying up-to-date on current social media marketing trends is imperative to launching a successful campaign. Not only does it help streamline the process, but creative juices start to flow in ways that were not once expected. Today we will look at some campaigns that are being executed by big businesses that could be attempted on a smaller scale.

Delta Dreamhunt


As the commercial shows, Delta sent out a bunch of clues that lead to geo-targeted locations that contain Snapchat filters. Once you reach the secret location, you send a snap to the Delta account and you are automatically entered for really cool prizes. How can your small business try something similar?

If you’re a restaurant or a bar, have days without specials (like Fridays and Saturdays) and implement a “Snapchat Special” instead. When customers come in, they snapchat a selfie of them with their meal or drink including the restaurant filter to the business’s account, and they could win a $50 gift card. For $50, you pay for the entire campaign after a few posts on Facebook to let people know about this opportunity.

Entertainment for All

Social Media 2016

As a small business, utilizing guest interaction on Instagram is such an important feature. Walt Disney World does a perfect job in this department. For the biggest entertainment company in the world, they leave their Instagram up to the guests. When guests tag or place on a location on their photo, Walt Disney World finds it and asks for permission to post it on their page with photo credit. In doing so, followers of their account get a beautiful, yet realistic view of the theme parks because they are through the eyes of other guests.

Find out what people post on Instagram and attack it with campaigns that force interaction on the app that normally only is interacted with a simple like or comment.

The Cold Detector


Here’s a fun one: apparently Germans don’t miss work no matter how sick they may be. This interactive sign was put in a busy location to speak to passerbys when they are sick. If someone coughs or sneezes close enough to it, the sign suggests a medicine and where to purchase the medicine. This technology reacts to what it believes you have based on the sounds you make and additionally shows visual imagery of what the product looks like.

Obviously, this might be a little more difficult to utilize as a small business. But keep up with trends and technology, and know that the future is here. The important aspect of this case is that its interactive. Consumers love interaction, especially interaction that doesn’t seem like a gimmick. Be honest and real with them while interaction, and they are more likely to respond.