Cookie Dough Creations located in downtown Naperville, IL is a place every visitor or local of Naperville makes sure to stop at when shopping around the town. What makes the store as popular as it is, is the fact that you can go into what looks to be an ice cream shop and come out with a scoop of edible cookie dough. The cookie dough contains no raw eggs, but loads of real butter and natural ingredients. So it’s safe to say its much better for you than eating out of the Tollhouse cookie dough bin.

What the business does

Selling cookie dough on ice cream, in shakes, or just in a bowl. Cookie Dough Creations also sells fresh baked cookies using their “traditional Midwestern recipe.” On top of the cookie dough, ice cream, shakes and cookies they also make cheesecake topped with a layer of raw cookie dough.


History of the company

Founded in 1994 Cookie Dough Creations was brought to life by Jim Bewersdorf. He was a software salesmen and he felt like he was sick of the corporate world so he made a change. He started making cookie dough pies out of his home and selling them to restaurants. Restaurant owners fell in love with his gourmet pies due to the fact that they were so unique. They had never before seen a gourmet dessert made with cookie dough. Soon Bewersdorf’s “Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie” was being sold in over 100 restaurants. Soon after that in 1995 he opened his doors in Naperville and the rest is history.


Customers Favorites

The Cookie Dough Sandwich and White Chocolate Cookie Dough Cheesecake are said to be two of the best things to get at CDC. The cookie dough sandwich was featured on Al Rocker’s Food Network TV show “Rocker on the Road” as one of the best dessert sandwiches in America.

Editors Note: Some of the team went their just a couple nights ago to try this out and it was amazing! Make sure to try the Bourbon laced mocha ice cream with the oreo cookie dough!!!

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