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We are making social media social again.

Having a strong online presence is essential, and being a small business owner you are incredibly busy and drawn thin. With the help of a digital marketing firm such as Eliix, your business is guaranteed to be shown in the best light all while taking the burden of managing your brand online off of you.

Social media is what builds trust between you and your client. A good social media presence might not directly generate sales on its own, but it makes sales much easier as clients have a much longer relationship with your brand that builds up trust between you and them.



Here are some of our latest and greatest work.


Making Memories Entertainment Website Design

When working in the wedding industry, you need to sell with emotion. Making Memories is a company that is truly great at what they do, but they needed a site that showed their results.

Galiffa Productions Logo

Galiffa Productions Logo Design

Galiffa has been brining the life to the party on the east coast for many years and they wanted to bring forth a new refreshed and refined look. We worked with them to create a newer more modern and sleek logo to showcase their high-end brand.

Marlie Morin Designs Logo

Marlie Morin Designs Re-branding

When Marlie shared her passion for painting and creating recycled hand-made cards with us, it was obvious she was ready to take the next step. We worked with her to create a website and logo to push her art.



Having a cohesive visual design across all marketing materials ensures clarity and professionalism in the eyes of a client, and having it done well is vital when trying to maintain a perception of value within your company. We ensure that every brand we work with not only looks good, but that our clients are also nothing but ecstatic with the results.


Being social is a lost art. With society escaping to social media to avoid the “Buy now!” and “15% off!” businesses still do it without much thought. We want to build value in brands through highly targeted, educational, entertaining, and valuable posts people want to see that allow followers to trust in your brand.


Being visible is vital to staying afloat. Balancing creative processes, practicality, and rigorously tested business strategies to create marketing plans that bring a brand to the forefront of their market is something we spend countless hours on and take very seriously. Ensuring a small business can have the same voice as a big business is what we love to do.

Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors.

– George Santayana
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